Tamara Whitfield

Holiday Inn, Maple Grove

Tamara Whitfield joined eQuality in September of 2019 as a job coach for Holiday INN Maple Grove location. Tamara was previously a department manager for Lowe’s. Before that Tamara was the on-site supervisor for Homeward Bound Inc. She took care of people that had mental and physical disabilities. Growing up Tamara always wanted to work with people. Tamara’s grandmother got sick when she was a little girl and that prompted her to go to college to learn more about a lot of things. Tamara has two degrees one in Medical Assisting and the other is in Pharmacy.

Tamara’s favorite part about working for eQuality is being able to learn more about people and getting to know them beyond their disability. Tamara says ” people own their disability and not the other way around.” Tamara and her associates have fun dancing and singing while they are working and having pizza parties.

Tamara enjoys being with her two kids Kamilah and Reginald. She also enjoys being with her mother Aqueelah and her two nephews Devlyn and Dakai. They enjoy hanging out, cooking together, going to the movies, skating, or just hanging around the house playing video games.

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