Katie Bebus

Program Coordinator

Growing up I have always been considered a passionate person, I enjoy psychology, hair & makeup, my family and music (which is the best therapy in life).  Being a passionate person also means, I am a social butterfly and only have one volume level which is loud. My hobbies include spending time with loved ones, watching the Minnesota Wild, and traveling. I love to be outside and explore beautiful places.

Before joining eQuality, I was in retail for six years. Although I enjoyed the companies I worked for, it wasn’t a career that I felt driven by. They were not jobs that I could see myself growing with or that I felt I would make a real contribution too. So I left retail behind, in search for something new. One day on Facebook, a friend of mine had posted about eQuality-Pathways to Potential, It had my attention right away. My friends and family always said that I should be a caregiver because of my passionate and caring nature. I will admit that I was nervous, never working in the field before but I had to meet with eQuality because from what I read online, it seemed like the kind of place I wanted to be. After a few interviews, I got the job. Almost 7 Months later and I am happy to report that I have never loved a job the way that I love working with eQuality. This job has so many rewards and makes me feel so humbled and happy. Being a Job Coach is the best! I take pride in being part of the reason behind their motivation and how they succeed in their goals and dreams. Building relationships with my associates on professional and personal level is also very rewarding.

Of course with its rewards come its challenges. Its challenging in a good way, it helps you build yourself up in many ways both professional and personal. With eQuality though, you never feel unsupported. You always have co-workers and leaders that are willing and there to help support and guide you. There has never been a moment where I felt alone on the job.

I want to thank eQuality for everything it has given me, I feel like eQuality is so much like a family. Thank you for hiring me and helping me find what I searching for in a career. I feel as if this job was meant for me and I finally belong. I want to thank my supervisor for this beautiful job I have and also for being my role model.

Katie was promoted to Program Coordinator in October 2019.

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