Jeremy Rice

eQuality Farms Manager
Buffalo, MN

Jeremy started with eQuality – Pathways to Potential as a Farm Manager in June of 2019. He is originally from Southern California, but now lives and works at our farm location in Buffalo, Minnesota with his wife and three kids. He will tell you that his wife is his better half, and that he believes his kids may be the craziest you will find. Jeremy loves warm weather and anything outdoors, especially backpacking and baseball. He is a friendly introvert and self-proclaimed wimp when it comes to the cold, but he managed to survive working at a research base in Antarctica.

Jeremy’s passion for farming comes from working on organic farms in New Zealand and Uganda. He also spent several years as a manager at an outdoor science school introducing kids to nature and teaching environmental stewardship and sustainability. In that job, Jeremy discovered that he enjoys working with students with disabilities, and he joined eQuality because he sees it as a way for individuals with disabilities to grow and get the most out of life. He is excited for anyone who can to come out and visit the farm!

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