Gwen Ghess

Plymouth Creek Center, Plymouth

Gwen joined eQuality in April 2014. She works at two sites, Plymouth Creek Center and Messiah United Methodist Church, both located in Plymouth, MN.

Prior to joining eQuality she worked in the Telecommunications industry. She worked at AT&T for 20 years before taking advantage of an early retirement opportunity. She felt the need to do something more fulfilling during the second half of her life. She accomplished that goal when she joined eQuality. Her associates ground her and give her purpose especially after the loss of her son. She enjoys and needs her associates as much as they seem to need and enjoy her presence.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She often wonders to herself in light of some of the harsh winters why she is still in Minnesota. Then she remembers the beauty of Minnesota, the lakes, fall colors, a fresh white snow fall, and the calm and peace of mind she has here.

She is a voracious reader and keeps her Kindle close by at all times. She is also an avid traveler. She has been to almost every Caribbean Island but her trips of a lifetime were to Senegal, West Africa and Cairo, Egypt.
She is guided by a higher power and her life philosophy is very simple, do good for others and be the best person you can be at all times.

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