David Gray

Director of eQuality Farms

David started with eQuality in May of 2005. He is responsible for developing jobs for eQuality Associates working in enclaves as well as Associates who work independently. David is the Project Coordinator for eQuality Farms and also the supervisor for AaCron (an eQuality job site). David currently is the Director of Entrepreneurial Activities and Business Services. David has many years of experience in the field including job coaching, case management and working with District #287’s Transition programs.

David likes working with eQuality because “of its unique community based structure, one in which allows us as staff to work alongside the eQuality Associates on a regular basis”.

In his spare time, he enjoys “spending time with my family and taking advantage of all the great things South Minneapolis has to offer such as the dog parks, lakes, bike trails and local food”. David lives in Minneapolis with his wife Beth, their daughter Elsie and son Jack.

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