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eQuality — Pathways to Potential associates make valuable contributions to community businesses. eQuality staff will work with you to customize an approach that provides you with a competent and dedicated worker, work crew, or combination of such. Our staff will assist with hiring, training and orientation, quality control, and the creation of natural supports.

If you hire an eQuality work crew, the arrangement will most closely resemble job sharing. A small group of associates will combine to perform the assigned work tasks, under the supervision of a Job Coach.

If you hire an individual, our staff will provide support initially and to the degree that is needed for as long as the individual is employed.

In both cases, eQuality will work with you as a team to make sure the arrangement succeeds.


Employers appreciate their eQuality workers because of the following:

  • Reliability — An eQuality work crew completes assigned work even when individual members are out sick or on vacation.
  • Attitude — Employers often mention that eQuality workers bring a welcome positive energy to coworkers and customers alike.
  • eQuality Staff — Our Job Coaches assist with training and orientation and ensure that our workers are competent and qualified for their jobs. We provide ongoing support as needed, from weekly check-in to continuous on-site support. The work of our Job Coach allows your management staff to focus on other issues!
  • Financial Incentives — Employers who hire competitively may be able to take advantage of tax credits. When you hire an eQuality work crew, eQuality pays workers compensation and payroll tax expenses.

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