In June of this year, Ben Lyson proudly celebrated his 15th year as an employee of Minnesota Masonic Home in Bloomington, MN. Masonic Home was the pioneer in elder care in the early 1900s and they continue to lead the way today. Basically a small village complete with every amenity one might desire, Masonic Home encompasses 80 acres of woods and ponds in Bloomington and offers everything from independent and assisted living to transition care and outpatient treatments. Not only does Masonic Home provide excellent care and support for those they serve, this same level of care and support is extended to their employees as well. Ben has been able to thrive within the Masonic Home community throughout the last 15 years, so it is no surprise he is on a first-name basis with many of the residents and staff. Ben works evening shifts at Masonic and his is responsible for ensuring every aspect of the D1 cafeteria is in great working order. Ben helps clear and clean the dining room upstairs, including all the dishes and table cloths and then brings everything down to the main dish room and assists with washing dishes. He also cleans and re-stocks the coffee/beverage bar area as well. One of Ben’s favorite parts of his job is coming in early on his weekend shifts and playing piano for the residents in the town square area. Congratulations Ben and thank you Masonic Home for being a wonderful community partner to eQuality!

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