Marcia is the Mother of eQuality Associate Andrew. Marcia is retired and Andrew works for United Hardware! Andrew and Marcia have a very close relationship as they spend as much time together as possible “Andrew and I are very close because we spend almost all of our non-working time together. We are kind to each other and like to do things together. ” When asked Marcia to describe their relationship, Marcia stated “Andrew and I enjoy going out to eat, watching Wheel of Fortune and going to movies together. We usually go out to eat after church on Sunday, Andrew likes to go to any restaurant that serves a good hamburger. His favorite place to eat is Melone’s but we also like to try a variety of places in the Maple Grove area and beyond. We watch Wheel of Fortune together every week night that we are both home. Andrew is an excellent Wheel player and he often solves the puzzles before the contestants or I do. Andrew and I go to a movie in the movie theater at least twice a month. Andrew knows a lot about what movies are in the theater and knows a lot about the actors in the movies we see.” Andrew and his Mother have a special bond compared to his siblings, we asked Marcia how she feels her relationship with Andrew is unique compared to her other children “Andrew and I spend a lot of time together. We live together, so he helps with chores both at home and at the lake cabin and I help him with things he needs help with. Andrew has a wonderful memory and helps remind me of some of the events that are coming up on our calendar or things that we need to do. Because I take him to all his activities, I can see all his accomplishments and we can celebrate them together. I have met many wonderful people through Andrew, including a informal support group, affectionately known as the Bowling Moms.”


Being the Mother of a special needs child can bring some challenges into a new Mother’s life. We asked Marcia how she feels being Andrew’s Mom has changed her as a person “Being Andrew’s Mom has taught me patience.” Marcia said that if she could go back and give her younger self one piece of advice about having a child with special needs, it would be “I would tell my younger self to enjoy every step and stage of being a mother and not to worry about things I could not change.”


There are a lot of rewards to Motherhood, some more obvious than others, we asked Marcia was is the greatest reward from being Andrews Mom “Andrew is one of the sweetest people I know. He is very helpful and wants to do well. I am so proud of Andrew’s accomplishments in Special Olympics and at work. It is extremely rewarding seeing how happy, content and helpful Andrew can be.”