eQuality Farms is an entrepreneurial venture that is a part of eQuality – Pathways to Potential. eQuality Farms was created in 2008 in order to provide unique and non-traditional experiences to adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities, including community -based employment and education. Nine of equality’s Associates work full-time at the farm, while more than 40 eQuality Associate s access the farm for educational, recreational, and vocational purposes. eQuality Associates plant, nurture , and harvest vegetables and flowers for sale at local farmer s’ markets . We are certified organic, and use organic seed , compost, and fertilizers in both our high – tunnel and field production. We deliver CSA shares to group homes so the residents have access to healthy and nutritional produce.

All proceeds from Growing Dreams will support the maintenance and expansion of eQuality Farms. With your help, we are creating a self-sustaining business operated largely by adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities. Through their participation in this project, eQuality Associates promote the importance of nutrition and eating locally-produced food.

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