The eQ. eXplorer’s first trip to Green Bay and Monday Night RAW wrestling was quite the BIG adventure! It was obvious how pumped everyone was for the live wrestling event at Resch Center Monday night, as they were decked out in all kinds of wrestling gear sporting each Associates’ favorite star wrestler. As you can imagine, Monday night was chock full of drama, fireworks, flying chairs, running wrestlers, and cheers and jeers. During our late night drive home back to our hotel, everyone agreed that the surprise showing of Brock Lesnar at the very end was the best part of the night.

Tuesday morning began with a palpable air of anticipation as we headed off for our visit to the legendary Lambeau Field. Of course, this meant a completely different wardrobe theme than Monday night. We were a group of mostly green and gold and Packers, but there were one or two rebels who just couldn’t resist and proudly displayed some sort of small Minnesota sports team support!  We spent the entire day at Lambeau- exploring, learning, touring, eating, and shopping. Our eQ eXplorer’s troupe was the first ones in to the Packer’s Hall of Fame and Museum and we had it all to ourselves. There was so much to see, experience and interact with- we barely noticed two hours had passed and it was time for our lunch reservation. We enjoyed some top-notch grub right there at Lambeau Stadium in the famous 1919 restaurant before it was off to our next adventure- our very own private tour of the entire stadium. We were able to see the field from the highest point of the stadium, sit in the visitor’s locker room, check out the elite club level boxes, pretend we were running out onto the field just like the Green Bay Packers do on Sundays, and even stand down on the field (and sneak in a touch of the cherished turf grass.) We ended our day at Lambeau shopping, and getting lost, in the gigantic ‘Packers Pro Shop’ before we headed back to the hotel. However, our fun did not stop there! Some of us eased our sore muscles in the hotel hot tub while others swam and splashed in the large indoor hotel pool. We ended our night by ordering in dinner, and of course, watching WWE SmackDown in Mona’s hotel room.

Much to our surprise, we woke up on Wednesday morning to our very own Green Bay, WI blizzard. It was a good thing everyone was pretty exhausted and inclined to snooze because the four and one half hour drive turned into at least five hours as we slowly navigated the ice and snow covered roads back to Maple Grove, MN. When the group stopped for lunch and relived the highlights of our trip, we were all a bit surprised that what was once everyone’s favorite part, the WWE Raw event, had faded into second place behind the awesome experience at Lambeau Stadium. Even some of the die-hard MN Vikings fans rated the Lambeau excursion as their favorite part!