At the Eden Prairie Community Center you will find Ashley, Barb, Keith, Jim, Ted, Ryan, TJ, Lauren and their job coach MaryAnn. This group is a family, each associate has taken on their own role to support one another; you have the mother hen, the nurturer, the protector, the teacher, the voice of reason and the comedian. Without just one of these personalities, the group would not be as successful as they are. On a typical morning you will find the associates greeting each other with big smiles and friendly hugs, as they are sincerely excited to spend the day together. eQuality has 5 half day sites throughout the Twin Cities. These sites differ from a full day site because the crew works a morning shift and then participate in vocational programming in the afternoon. This crew works together, not as individuals but as a team, each member is willing and prepared to help their peers. After the work is done, the real fun begins. This crew is always up for anything, they seek adventure, knowledge, creativity, exploring new places and unique life experiences. One of their favorite parts of afternoon vocational programming is going to MacPhail Center for Music. At MacPhail the group participates in Music Therapy with their instructor, Stephanie. During class the group writes and performs original music, plays a wide variety of instruments, utilize music in relaxation and stress release exercises, learn rhythm and build their self confidence. This spring the group wrote an original song called “EPCC is Groovin” and are preparing to perform it at eQuality’s summer picnic. The group also really enjoys spending time ice skating at the Eden Prairie Community Center. The associates have formed many friendships while working at this site, one of their favorite friendships are the ones they have made with the professional ice skaters. These wonderful skaters have taken time each month to teach and support the group while they learn the art of ice skating. On top of everything else, the group loves touring art galleries, museums, volunteering, performing in drama club and taking environmental education classes. EPCC’s incredible team work, passion for life and their close bond is an inspiration to many of us at eQuality.