Pathways to Potential

Whether you are starting your journey, or changing course, eQuality will help you find the right path. We challenge individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to maximize their potential and actively participate in life’s opportunities.

We are eQuality.

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Posted by eQuality: Pathways to Potential on Friday, October 4, 2019

We are eQuality

"A significant impact..."

eQuality — Pathways to Potential has had a significant positive impact on our son, Blake. He is so happy, challenged at work and socially connected to his community and we owe this o eQuality. He absolutely loves the travel club and his day at the farm.

Thriving and expanding opportunities

We could not be more pleased with the nearly three years of services received from eQuality, and we look forward to many more to come. It’s such a good fit for ⋯, and we are so thankful to see her thriving and expanding her opportunities through eQuality.

A perfect fit

eQuality is a perfect fit for my son. The services meet my son’s needs and his current job in the community with a job coach are a perfect match for his strengths.


At eQuality, our goal is to help associates find meaningful employment in a supportive environment. We provide opportunities at every level from independent, competitive employment to integrated work teams, as well as enrichment activities in the community.


eQuality – Pathways to Potential strives to create successful and innovative workforce solutions for local businesses while partnering with community organizations to provide experiential learning and community integration.